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Source code of BYTubeD
(from GitHub)

BYTubeD - Bulk YouTube video Downloader

Firefox extension to download YouTube videos in bulk.
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The following pages/tools/icons have been used in developing BYTubeD. Sicnere thanks are due to the authors of the respective pages/tools/icons.

  1. Add-ons Developer Community
  2. Alexandru Ghiura >> YouTube
  3. Multiple XMLHTTPRequest Objects Redux
  4. utf.js - UTF-8 <=> UTF-16 conversion by Masanao Izumo; Link suggested by Foudil Brétel.
  5. YouTube Caption Downloader
  6. Free Icons | Pixel-Mixer.com - Icon Design
  7. I Like Buttons 3a Icons by MazeNL77 on deviantART
  8. Folder Default Icon by MazeNL77

The following tools/APIs/icons/images have been used in designing this project page at GitHub.

  1. Jekyll
  2. jQuery lightBox plugin by Leandro Vieira Pinho

Special thanks are due to Nitesh Vijayvargiya, Shekhar Kadyan and Yatish Kumar Singh of CSE, IIT Kanpur, without whom I may not have started this project.

Special thanks are also due to GitHub for providing a great collection of tools and webspace to maintain the project pages.

M S Ram